Saturday, July 19, 2008

Technology, environment, economy...Oh yeah, I'll be gone for a week.

The key words in the title are just so I can try and get rid of the Christian stuff that popped up on the site after the Olsteen entry, but the going to be gone part is true. I am leaving for a week to go to an environmental leadership camp put on by the Sierra Club. I will be learning all kinds of interesting stuff, listening to awesome speakers, and generally having a good time...hopefully. I'm taking my computer with me (they have wireless at the park), but I don't imagin I will have time to up date while I'm there. I plan on taking very good notes though, and having one mega environment entry when I get back.

Happy blogging everyone!


Andy D said...

Have fun at the camp. I am interested to see your mega post when you come back, and will probably leave you a mega comment on it.

Anonymous said...

Is this a fat camp? I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.

Yours truly,
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