Friday, July 11, 2008

At least somethings will never change

So, I was worried I was going to have a hard time deciding on what I wanted my first real entry to be about, but then I came across this and all those fears melted away.

The Bush administration, as usual, is avoiding sticking their neck out on the line about anything that really matters. They are refusing to regulate greenhouse gasses; passing the buck to the next administration and completely ignoring the Supreme Court's May ruling to reduce emissions. The EPA goes as far to say that they "made no finding on whether global warming poses a threat to people's health," conveniently disregarding the basic fact that excess carbon dioxide in the air is bad...mmk (sorry, couldn't resist the reference).

This seems to be the general environmental policy of the current administration, ignore it, and hopefully it will magically ride off into the distance, or maybe, if their lucky, someone else will fix it. Either way, they don't' care as long as they don't have to actually address the problem. As we saw in 2002 when Bush dismissed his own administrations report that human activities are effecting climate change, in 2005 when he refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol and today in ignoring even a Supreme Court he stacked in his favor.

Beyond the general qualms with his policy, I don't understand his reluctance to use the Clean Air Act of 1990, an act his father helped pass. The act alone is not enough to fix all of our problems, I will admit, but it's a start. It outlines a clear and concise plan of action to reduce harmful emissions, unlike the recent G8 summit where they proposed a not-so-lofty goal of 50% reduction by 2050 but came up with no tangible plan to do so. If someone could shed some light on this for me I'd be much obliged.

At least we're at a point where our president is willing to admit that global warming is actually real. Now the problem is not to change the opinion of the administration, but to light a fire under it's ass and get it going. Unfortunately the fire is being kindled by the lukewarm environmental policy of the Republican party.

Well, fortunately for the environment, and the nation, there is a silver lining: we are in the home stretch of this president. Within a few months we will have new policies to pick apart, different decisions to critique, and a new president to complain about...or not. Personally, I'm hopping (even though it may mean near death for the political blog sphere) for the latter.


Going Green said...

Very sad but typical. I think even the other members of the G-8 realize they have to wait for the next president of the United States for proactive cooperation from us. Maybe the next president will work with Europe and other willing nations on a REAL plan.

Nikki said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I will be checking your blog out more. I like your premise and your writing is engaging. This whole blogging thing should be fun!


Drucilla said...

Going green: I hope so, we can't afford another president who refuses to cooperate.