Friday, November 28, 2008

The Election

So, My blog has been dead lately....really really dead. But I've started school again and it's hard to keep up with a political blog when your having trouble keeping up with yourself.

Anyway, so I would like to introduce to the world President Elect Barack Obama. Well, I guess I'm a little late for that boat, but I'd at least like to say a few words about our new president. I think he was the right choice, I don't think the country could have withstood another Republican term. But that does not mean that I feel easy about the future. I hope he is as great has he has promised. As a youngster of only 20, I've had very little experience with presidential promises. President Bush has been my example for the past 8 years (most of my politically aware life), and because I am not exactly a fan, any promises he made were usually contrary to anything I actually wanted to happen. But now, I have a president, that could potentially be exactly what I'd like (for the most part), and I feel as if I'm going to be let down. I don't know if it is an inherent cynicism about our political system and the politicians who make it up, or if I just don' t know if any man is capable of living up to what Obama has promised for the country.

Either way, I know our country is in economic turmoil, we are fighting an endless money pit of a war, the world itself is beginning to fall apart, and that Mr. Obama had a very very difficult job before him. I don't know if this is usual for presidential transitions, but I do feel as if there is a sense of something very important happening. It's really more of an ominous feeling though, as opposed to a hopeful one. I feel that if we aren't able to do something positive, if Obama isn't able to do something positive, then we as a country, will finally just fall apart. President Bush has begun to tear down our nation, and it is up to President Obama to rebuild it. If he doesn't, then well, I hope the rest of the world is kind, because we will be at their mercy.


Andy D said...

Putting aside that we differ on our outlook on President, I think you have placed way to much importance on Obama.

This country has been through a number of Presidents. Some of them have been good, and some have been bad, but we have continued on. If Obama is the worst President we have ever had, the people of this country are what make us great, and they will continue to make our nation great no matter what Obama does or doesn't do.

Have more faith in the people.

Drucilla said...

I think that the last 8 years have been proof that the president is a little more important then you are giving him credit for. The people have made us great that is true, but the president is steering the ship. No matter how good a crew is, it is only as good as it's captain. We are in a very shacky point in our history, I think with out the right leadership we could very well be screwed.

And I mean regardless, how much faith do you really have in the majority population? Mine is most definitely dwindling.